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New Players Company

Please be sure to follow us on Facebook (Ridgewood High School New Players Company) Instagram (RHS_NewPlayers) and GroupSpot! Be sure to remind your kids to check the DOORS/ BULLETIN BOARD outside of The Little Theatre for all information on Auditions & Events!

Will my first year student be cast in a role when they audition for a show?

The audition process is very competitive and not everyone can be cast in a show no matter what year your child is. If they aren't cast for a show they should not be discouraged and continue to audition for shows throughout the season. You can also encourage them to get involved in lighting, set design, costume design and stage management. Stage performance is not required to be a New Player. Also note that every student who is interested will be given an on-stage role in New Players in Concert (details on this can be found below).

When are rehearsals and how long does each rehearsal last?

The rehearsals begin a few weeks before the show weekend. Rehearsals are generally held on school nights from 6pm-10pm and occasionally on weekends. Note that the time commitment is greater during the days of the show. The students really have to plan ahead with their school work.

What is “Concert”?

New Players in Concert, or simply “Concert,” is one of the highlights of the New Players season. The show is made up of three components: an opening and closing number that involves all the students, student directed musical vignettes from Broadway shows, and senior solo performances. Everyone who wishes to participate will get a role, including non NPC students. Many students say this show is the highlight of their RHS experience The show is led and directed by students. The show takes place over a four day period during the weekend leading into the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. The rehearsals begin in December and are initially held at one of the student’s homes from each cast. There are also rehearsals of the group opening and closings at RHS. The schedules are coordinated by the student directors. Note that some of the rehearsals may be held over the holiday vacation week, but these are not mandatory and should not prevent you from taking vacation.

What is the Parent Social? 

This is a fundraising event for all parents and anyone interested in supporting NPC. This casual event is a great chance to meet and socialize with other NPC parents, NPC staff, and NPC board members.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.

What is the cast dinner?

The Wednesday night prior to most shows is dress rehearsal night and a cast dinner is provided for the students and staff in the cafeteria.  It is similar to the “pasta dinners” that are provided for the sports teams.  All food is donated by parents - some food is homemade while other food is purchased at local delis and restaurants like Best of Everything.  If your child is cast in a show you will be expected to contribute and help at the cast dinner.


Are there cast parties after the shows? 

Yes.  A cast party is usually held after the show on the Saturday night of the show weekend at a student’s home.  All students from the cast and crew of the current show are welcome.  These events are arranged by the students and the hosting parents.


Do the students really go to a diner after one of the shows? 

Yes.  Traditionally the students go to the Suburban Diner on Rt 17 after the Friday night show.  The students reserve some tables and the Diner is expecting them.  Many older students drive to the diner but parents often drive the younger students there and even sit at the Diner and wait for them to be done.

How do you buy tickets to the shows? 

We use an online ticket seller called LUDUS.  If you buy your tickets online, we ask that you print them or download them to your phone before the show. If the show is not sold out, you may buy tickets at the box office before the show.


Can you choose your own seats? 

Yes, if the show is not general admission. When you are buying your tickets on LUDUS, the default setting is “best seat available.” Follow the prompts for Reserved Seating.


How soon in advance do you need to buy tickets? 

It depends!  Some shows sell out fast while others sell out slowly.  Some shows do not sell out at all.  NPC in Concert almost always sells out very quickly. For some shows, we will limit the amount of tickets each family may purchase to make sure every family is able to see the show.


Are food and drinks sold during the show? 

Again, it depends on the show!


How can parents get more involved with New Players? 

There are several opportunities for parents to become involved with New Players:

BOX OFFICE VOLUNTEER - On show days to help sell tickets as well as check patrons in.

CAST DINNER - if your child is cast in a show you will be required to supply food for the dinner.

PARENT SOCIAL FUNDRAISER: Opportunities include Chairing/Co-Chairing the event, help with securing the caterer, beverages, silent auction items, helping with set-up, clean-up, check-in and check out. 

CAR WASH: Volunteer to Chaperone a one and a half hour shift the day of the car wash (no car washing required) or take home and launder towels at the end of the day and return them to the HS the following day. Car washes are held twice a year in the fall and spring, weather permitting.  NPC staff handles getting NPC student volunteers for shifts. 

TRUNK OR TREAT: Decorate your car's trunk and distribute candy to children in the RHS parking lot one afternoon before Halloween.

NPC BOARD MEMBER: While there are not always positions available on the board, please email know of your interest.  In the event of an opening you will be contacted. 


What if I have more questions about something not covered here?

Please email any board member with questions about fundraising and volunteering.  Email addresses can be found on the NPC website under NPC Association. For questions about performances, auditioning, and casting please contact Artistic Director, Kelly Van Zile via email at


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